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loan against property in Delhi NCR

You should take a loan against property in Delhi NCR only when all the other options have been exhausted. This is a perilous proposition as if you are unable to pay back the loan. Your property will be forfeited and will be auctioned to recover your loan amount in Delhi NCR. One should analyze your repayment capacity before taking the loan and then go for it with caution. As your property is your biggest asset and you do not want to lose it at any cost. Contact loan Kumar for all your financial and loan needs as they provide the best loans at the least interest rates.

Before we learn about points to remember, let us first check the definition of Loan against Property-

Loan against Property is a method of disbursing the loan against the mortgage of property. The loan is given as a certain percentage of the property’s market value, which is usually around 40-60 percent. It belongs to the secured loan category where the borrower gives the complete guarantee using his property as security.

If you are seeking a loan against property in Delhi NCR region than here are a few things you should know-

Shop for the Interest Rates-

The most important point to remember is to shop for interest rates before going for a loan against property. You should also find out all the hidden charges. So that you can understand the full expenditure and expense of the loan against property. Go for the lender who is providing the lowest interest rates with minimum hidden charges in Loan against Property. Comparing the loan interest rate is certainly the best way to finding the right loan.

Things you can afford-

It is essential that you plan and see that you will be able to afford and pay off the loan before pledging your property as collateral. You should be very cautious as your property is a prized possession and you should not risk it at any cost. Only go for the collateral if you are left with no other choice

Know the Difference-

There is a difference between a loan against property and personal loan.

Loan against property is when the individual takes the loan by mortgaging the house property. The interest rate in LAP is quite lower and the maximum loan eligibility is determined according to the property value.

Personal loan, on the other hand, is when the individual takes the loan for personal purpose without giving any guarantor. Moreover, the interest rate is quite high which can range between 16-20%. Here, the maximum loan eligibility is purely determined on an individual’s income.

So when you are opting for the loan against property in Delhi NCR, then it becomes important to know the difference between the two.

Also, you should analyze your income and repayment capacity. So that you are not left in a lurch as your property is at stake.

In Delhi NCR there are many banks like ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, and SBI. And many other state banks which provide loan against property in Delhi NCR. Log on to loan Kumar to get the best loans at the best interest rates. Here you will find good options to seek a loan against property


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